Tipuri de produse cartografice specifice Gurii Sulina

Geographia Napocensis Anul VII, Nr. 2, 2013

Abstract:- The paper aim is the indexing and ranking of all types of cartographic materials produced by European Commission of the Danube (ECD), 85 unique pieces being already identified from a total of 365.

This first step is important for the next analisys approach regarding the evolution of the Sulina mouth, based on the bathymetrical numerical models. ECD had been asigned (between 1856-1939) the fullfilling of all activities required for the navigation on the Sulina mouth and in the Danube Delta. Another very significant component of ECD activity consisted in the bathymetrical measurments and making maps and plans of the Sulina mouth. In 1861, parallel to the finalisation of the temporary jetties, Sulina mouth first triangulation was made. After this, all maps prior to 1861 have been modified, while on the newer ones a new grid of 500 to 500 feet was represented. The bathymetrical measurements had a seasonly frequence, having as main goal the understanding of coastal dynamics.

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